Who we are

The consortium active on BioDynaMo development is composed by:

The effort on each site is coordinated by the several scientists and students involved in the project. If you are interested in this project and potential collaboration, please get in touch.

CERN openlab

Alberto Di Meglio, Marco Manca, Fons Rademakers, Lukas Breitwieser

Newcastle University 

Marcus Kaiser, Roman Bauer

Innopolis University

Manuel Mazzara, Leonard Johard, Alexander Chichigin


Max Talanov, Fail Gafarov, Alexander Toschev


Marie-Christine Sawley

Interns at Innopolis University

Sergey solonets, Emil Melnikov, Alexander Sizov, Victor Drobny, Dmitry Ilya, Bogdan Vaneev, Sizov Alexander, Marochko Vladimir, Alexey Kosterin, Anton Bykov, Alexey Chernyshov